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::. Some of the projects designed in year 2012
1. Engineering equipment;

2. Doppler meteorological radio-locator Vakarel Investor: BULATSA - arch.G.Dzhotolov;

3. Detailed design project of a dairy farm with hall for milking 120 animals in Skorovitsa area on the land of village Gorna Kremena, Mezdra Municipality - DJOTTO DESIGN Ltd. arch.G.Dzhotolov;

4. Fabrication building and offices in ZL VIII, sec.1, region Obelya-2, Sofia reconstruction and change of equipment - DJOTTO DESIGN Ltd. arch.G.Dzhotolov;

5. Remodeling of barbeque ZL VII-505, sec.38, Gorna banya area, Sofia arch.Vl.Russinov;

6. Application of 3 modules of typical elements for shelving systems, Building hypermarket, region Lyulin, Sofia Investor: SMA Industrial Ltd.;

7. Reconstruction and change of function of ap.1 to office drugstore, region Lyulin, bl.233, Sofia Investor: Bilyana Zaharieva;

8. Advertisement element for shop of ORGAHIM AD bl.50, Tsar Boris III Blvd., Sofia arch.R.Krastanova;

9. Constructional analysis instructions for implementation of fences, parapets, change of use, etc.;

10. Constructional analysis of the condition of buildings after the earthquake in Pernik on 22/05/2012 volunteer act.

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